Exterior Painting

A fresh coat of paint lets the neighbourhood know that your property is new and valuable.  Painting the outside of your house or business is a task that Legend Painting takes very seriously.  Allow Legend Painting to take care of all your exterior painting needs.  The following explains the typical process of exterior painting.


Legend Painting will arrive a few days before painting to power wash the loose paint chips and build up of dirt on the property.  If the property is already clean, or power washing is not desired Legend Painting will proceed to preparing the property for painting.


The key to a great paint job is properly preparing the property.  All loose paint is to be removed through scraping, and sanding.  All bare wood and metal is to be coated with a high quality primer.  All loose nails are to be hammered back in, all holes filled with spackle, and all cracks filled with caulking.


Once the property is properly prepared the actual painting can begin.  Legend Painting uses top quality paints for all projects.  Two coats is required for any color change, but always recommended even if going with the same colors to extend the quality and duration of the performance of the paint.


Painting is always esthetically pleasing, but sometimes the importance of sealing the property is overlooked.  Postponing painting can cause your exterior siding to fail to a point where you actually will need new siding.  Postponing painting will actually cost you more money in the long run!