About Legend Painting

Ten years from today Legend Painting will still be building relationships and a company providing quality service at affordable rates. We want to paint for you today and tomorrow!
Legend Painting knows that people within our company is of the utmost importance. Being honest, fair, and keeping our word is a lifestyle expected of every Legend Painting employee. We believe this is the only way to build a healthy foundation within Legend Painting so we can deliver the fine paint finishes and painting experience our clients expect from us.
At Legend Painting we honor our commitments. Period. Legend Painting finds professional and talented employee’s who believe in this value. Legend Painting is committed to providing you with extraordinary service.
Legend Painting is extremely grateful for receiving roughly 90% of their clients through word of mouth. Our clients are typically honest and fair individuals who are seeking a service from a company with the same values they live by. Our clients are impressed with the professionalism and skills that Legend Painting provides from start to finish of every painting project we manage.