Residential Painting

Legend Painting knows that your home is extraordinarily important to you.  At Legend Painting we take pride in going the extra mile to do what needs to be done.  Whether it is the interior or exterior of your home, Legend Painting is the team willing and ready to paint your home right!

All painting projects start with a plan.  Every job needs to be mapped out and planned accurately first before any work is started.  

After planning comes the preparation: Power washing, sand blasting exterior surfaces, sand blasting interior surfaces, filling holes, applying primer, adding caulking, cleaning surfaces, masking off furniture, moving furniture, removing light switches & other surface mounted items, and maintaining a clean working area.  Preparation is the first step in the painting craft, and is what separates the amateurs from the professionals.

After preparation comes the fine finish coats.  Legend Painting is experienced using the highest grades of all paints and stains and we know their differences.  Our standards and expectations of quality often exceed our clients expectations.  We use the finest products and materials available and know how to make them perform and look their best.

The process of the painting project needs to be considered as well.  We work with our clients schedules and always remember that we are guests in their homes.  Legend Painting finds that flexibility, communication and execution are the required values needed to manage most painting projects.